Are you looking for an unique Reiki experience that allows you to digest and embody the material on your own time?

Reiki training is truly a personal experience. Due to the expansive nature of this program, I felt that there wasn't enough time in a standard weekend or 6 hour training to cover each level.

Therefore, this hybrid certification course was created as a way of bringing in the best of both worlds. The online self-paced lectures are broken down into bit sized pieces , so that you can take all the time you want with them. The second part of the course is a live certification session. This portion consists of either an in person or virtual practical session that includes a placement and a guided practice of introductory techniques.

What past students are saying about Reiki Training:

Elizabeth told me "once you turn it (Reiki awareness) on, it stays on". I have found this completely true. This course feels like an important part of my life's purpose. I am going on to be a Reiki Master and could not consider anyone to do this with but Elizabeth. I trust her completely. Her way of presenting the information makes it easy for me to understand and gets me curious on "what's next". I wholeheartedly recommend these courses to anyone interested in learning more about Reiki! 

Gary E. (Reiki I, II & Adv)

Online Self Paced Learning

The lessons are broken down into short lectures to help understand and practice this foundational information. This format also allows for rewatching lectures and practices to help you along your journey. This learning experience is on your own time, so feel free to take as much time as you need learning these foundational concepts.

Meditations, Energy Balancing Techniques & Classes

In addition to the Reiki Training lectures & experiences, I have added a *bonus* module filled with energy balancing techniques as well as classes. This training is meant to aid in your personal healing journey and help you develop tools and practices to work effectively with your own energy body.

Live Placement & Practical Skills Session

One of the exclusive aspects of this course is combining online self paced learning with a live in person or livestream session with me. This allows students to truly embody the material and be able to receive the placement live. Students will also be able to practice and receive feedback while performing new techniques and skills.

A message from your instructor

Reiki was my first step into the world of holistic health & energy work. It came at a time that I needed it the most; I was stressed, sick and felt like I was just going through the motions of my life.

Learning Reiki has been a very personal journey for me as it lead me to practices and a mind set that has guided me through many challenges.

Reiki is not just for those who would like to practitioners; it's for anyone looking for a journey of inner work and energy balance on all levels.

If this resonates with you, I can't wait to share Reiki wisdom with you and be your guide on your journey.

Elizabeth : )

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